Care N Cuddle Workshops ...

Care N Cuddles Workshops are a wonderful opportunity to get up close and personal with these magical creatures.

If you have received a voucher as a gift you can book your place on one of the above dates by emailing or calling 07720204685.

Sanctuary Open Days ...

We are happy to announce our first open days of the year starting March 7th & 8th with the schedule up the end of April. We sincerely hope can make it along, it is a great chance to see your adopted donkey or meet them for the first time. You will be made very welcome and the donkeys are never too far away for you to say hello to and give them a stroke.

After lots of worry and effort trying to make the Sanctuary more people friendly we rolled out a regular program of open days throughout last summer, giving visitors the opportunity to enjoy the donkeys whilst supporting the Sanctuary and contributing to its self sustainability. We are pleased to say the open days have been a success with a regular number of visitors of all ages who appreciate the Sanctuary as a special place.

If you have not visited us before this is a small, rustic place of peace coupled with donkey magic, we usually find people feeling calm and uplifted from being around the donkeys, watching their funny little ways whilst playing or relaxing.

Delicious home made cakes, hot and cold drinks etc. are available from our vintage tea trailer coupled with donkey related merchandise from the visitor centre and the chance to groom a  donkey for just £3. The profits from the sale of these items all goes to provide care for our resident animals.

Please feel free to bring your dogs along but please keep them on a lead, there is a water bowl for them and usually a complementary treat to be sniffed out too!